Summertime is one of the best times of the year for many kids. This is especially true because they get to take a break from school to relax and rejuvenate. But for many parents, this school break comes with anxiety because they are sometimes unsure of how to keep their children busy and productive.

Luckily, there are summer camps to benefit every child. These camps offer many valuable experiences that help children blossom into happy adults. Here are some of the top reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to enroll your child into summer camp.

Build New Friendships

Summer camp presents the perfect opportunity for shy kids who have trouble making friends to do so. This can be of benefit to your child, as they will get to interact with different kids from multiple backgrounds and cultures.

When children come together to take part in summer camp activities, it becomes impossible for them to not socialize and learn from each other. Some of the most meaningful, lifelong friendships have been made at summer camps.

Experience New Things

Summer camps are not just about social mingling, fun, and stories. It can be a multifaceted experience. From the moment that the children arrive at a summer camp, there’s usually a program of activities that they’ll participate in during their stay. Whether it’s mentorship sessions or activities, such as hiking or nature walks, children will be in an environment that is designed to expose them to new experiences to enrich their lives in ways they couldn’t imagine at home.

Many times, swimming in a lake or growing plants cannot be done in a big city. But at summer camp, children can enjoy these activities. For example, children may become interested in gardening, nature, agriculture, or woodworking as a career or hobby based upon what they learned at summer camp.

Encourages independence

Allowing your child to attend a summer camp absent of your direct supervision can help them to become more independent and self-sufficient. You may feel uncomfortable letting your child go to a different place for the day, but the reality of the situation is that it is important for children to develop a sense of self-sufficiency.

At summer camp, your child can learn to make individual decisions, which will help them in their future as they find themselves needing to make important decisions. They also become more confident in their abilities to do things without your supervision.

Improve Communication

A common trend in many summer camps is that electronic devices are often not allowed, and if they are, it is only for a short designated timeframe to communicate with their families. We are living in a time where children spend a lot of their time in front of one screen or another. This has affected how children communicate and interact with each other.

With the limited screen time at summer camp, children get the opportunity to actually go out and play with each other, tell jokes and stories around a campfire, and talk to each other during tasks.

This can go a long way to help children practice how to communicate and express themselves. You may notice that after some time at a summer camp, your child may become more outspoken about their accomplishments, concerns, and feelings. This can improve your relationship with your child as they are more comfortable conversing.

Physical Activity

Summer camp is often jam-packed with exciting physical and mental activities. These planned events ensure that your child stays engaged throughout their time at the summer camp. This leaves very little to no time for them to get into mischief.

At home during the summer, you may find it difficult to keep your child engaged for months on end. Summer camp provides the combination of physical and mental activities to provide your children with valuable, lifelong experiences.

Kids Kayaking in Summer Camp

The Best Summer Camp in Agoura Hills

Enrolling your kids in a summer camp could be the best decision that you can make for the summer. This is especially if you take them to a reputable camp with exciting activities that will help them develop and learn new things.

Camp Keystone is the best summer camp in Agoura Hills! We have a treasure trove of structured, fun activities that your child will enjoy every single day. This is why as a parent in Agoura Hills, you should call us to book a place for your child to enjoy this little piece of heaven on earth.



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