What is the best thing you can take away from a summer camp? The top answers will be the friends that you made during the camp. Well, summer camps are a thrilling and exciting journey for kids where they don’t only learn new things but also get into new bonds, with all kinds of kids that have varied diverse natures from one another. Hence, it’s difficult for some campers to get into the friendship easily. They might find it difficult to make friends with new people; they might as well take time to indulge in activities which can lack various skills in them.

Nonetheless, kids have very tender hearts and kinder spirits, with proper guidance and nourishment they can learn how to make friends at summer camp. Because summer camp is not just a place of growth but a place where little hearts connect and memories are formed, marking it as a unique and invaluable chapter in every child’s life.

Why Summer Camp Is An Ideal Place For Friendship?

Summer camp offers a golden chance for shy youngsters to spread their social wings. Your child can learn the value of friendship in this vibrant mix of kids. These are some of the Kid-friendly tips for making friends at camp.

  • First and foremost, it brings together children of varied natures, from different backgrounds. This diversity brings them closer and fosters their interest in diverse cultures and traditions.
  • Secondly, the mutual joy and experience at summer camps create a strong bond in kids over the experience. Whether conquering a challenging hike, having a campfire, or collaborating on a team project, these shared feelings build the connection of a lifetime.
  • In the camps kids learn and get encouraged to go on treks do camp work and build their base, While doing these interacting with each other for some help fosters them to have a bond that brings them closer.
  • In the world of virtual dominance, summer camps are the places where kids get some time apart from the screen to sit and interact in the real world this help them to get to know each other better and build friendship over time.

How To Make Friends At Summer Camp

In this article, we’ll explore some valuable tips on how to help your child make friends and have an unforgettable summer camp experience. Here are some methods that will help you to make friends at camp.

Be Approachable

The first and foremost step towards how to make friends at camp is to be approachable to others. It’s always good behavior to wear a smile and sustain an open posture. A warm and welcoming smile is always an icebreaker when wanting to have a conversation. An open posture always shows receptivity and, signals that your child is approachable and wants to connect. These simple yet positive postures create an immediate sense of comfort and ease, setting the stage for meaningful interaction and a foundation for ever-lasting friendship.

Participate In Group Activity

Active involvement in camp activity serves as an excellent method for budding new friendships. Whether participating in a new friendship, unleashing crafts, or being involved in wild camps these interests provide the base ground among peers to actively participate in the chats and have communication on shared interests.

Learn To Say Hello

Hello is not just a word, it’s a getaway to the human connection. This simple word of greeting has to power to bridge the gaps. In the summer camps, there will be various opportunities where kids can learn to come forward and initiate the chat with a simple hello. By mastering this small act of interaction kids can learn to navigate through any kind of socially awkward situation.

Don’t Pretend

The most important Kid-friendly tip for making friends at camp is lasting friendships are only those that are built on authenticity and trust. One must always adhere to the fact that they have to be genuine with their feelings while making friends. Pretending to be someone might get you a short-term friend but a lasting friendship is only based upon the originality of the personality. Authenticity attracts like-minded individuals who appreciate them for who they are, not who they pretend to be.

Bond Over Hobbies

Connecting over shared interests is a meaningful way to have a friendship. When kids bond over a shared interest be it from any sphere they instantly get the friendly vibe from one another. Engaging in these shared activities provides them with the opportunity for natural collaboration, moreover bonding over hobbies enhances the chances of joy in the activities. These shared hobbies not only deepen existing friendships but also spark the creation of new ones, enriching a child’s camp experience and fostering bonds that can last a lifetime.

Ask Open Ended Questions

Children often speak less and preferably answer only yes and no. which constitutes a short conversation comparatively. Inspire the kids to ask open-ended questions which means they have scope to have more conversation than just yes and no. Open-ended questions don’t just show your interest in conversation but also provide the opportunity for another person to be involved in the conversation.

Be a Good Listener

Friendship is a two-way thing, it’s not always about talking your heart out but sometimes it’s about listening to the other person. It’s important to teach children that listening to the other person is also an important aspect of friendship. Active listening means reacting to the person, maintaining eye contact, genuine follow-ups, and many more things. By adhering to these simple steps the child not only makes the other person feel heard but also plays attention to the feeling of concern.


In conclusion, making friends at summer camp is a rewarding and enriching experience that can create lasting memories and connections. By being open, approachable, and friendly, participating in activities, and showing genuine interest in others, anyone can forge meaningful relationships amidst the backdrop of fun and adventure that summer camp offers. These friendships can extend far beyond the campfire, becoming valuable bonds that endure throughout one’s life. So, whether you’re a first-time camper or a seasoned adventurer, remember that the key to making friends at summer camp is to be yourself, embrace the shared experiences, and cherish the connections that bloom in this unique and vibrant environment.



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