Summer camps of today must keep up with the demand for fruitful, inspiring programming that promotes youth empowerment and facilitates the journey of self-discovery — of course, in addition to summertime fun. Here at Camp Keystone, our staff interacts with students of all ages, and we’ve worked hard to create an environment where they feel safe to express their feelings, concerns, and triumphs because we want to encourage them to make their voices heard — whether that’s vocally, through creative self-expression, or via any other form of self-assured identity.

Enriching summer camps don’t only get children out of the house and active socially; they help children deal with all sorts of feelings, battles, and obstacles that are simply part of life and maturing. Low self-esteem, depression, anxiety; the list goes on. By showing them that they are important, have peers around them that can empathize with them, and can find self-value in their natural talents, they’re better equipped to come out the other end of summer feeling more empowered than ever before.

If you are thinking about sending your child to summer camp but are unsure if you should do so, read more to learn about why summer camp is important for kids. From building confidence to learning new skills, children can benefit greatly from their experience at camp.

What Are the Benefits of Summer Camp?

There’s no getting around it — in fact, it’s a huge part of the appeal; summer camp is a blast! So much so that it’s something children look forward to all day long. While camp is certainly a place to enjoy a plethora of activities, it’s a habitat that empowers your kids and helps them grow in many areas — and in more ways than one.

Summer camp is a structured environment that provides a unique opportunity they do not get in their daily lives. When children are at camp, they have the ability to become more independent while learning new skills and making new friends who have similar interests. At the same time, your child can learn new things and expand their hobbies.

There are many benefits that kids will gain when they are at summer camp. They will grow, learn life lessons, build confidence, and learn leadership skills. Some of the many benefits of summer camp include:

  • Increase Confidence: When children go to summer camp, they get to meet new people, become more independent, and learn new things. While they are away from home and their everyday surroundings, they will become more confident with themselves.
  • Develop Leadership Skills: Children who attend summer camp often learn several leadership skills. They are taught about conflict resolution, problem-solving, social development, teamwork, and the importance of giving and receiving praise. These important skills are something kids will take with them into their adulthood.
  • Learn About Responsibility: At camp, there are things that need to be done daily. Parents are not around to make sure they get accomplished, so being at camp teaches kids about the significance of responsibility. When they become more responsible, they feel better about themselves.
  • Learn About Teamwork: Teamwork is a huge part of summer camp. Kids often work in groups, and while doing this, they see how their unique skills complement the abilities of other children. They also learn to communicate with each other and work through problems.
  • Become More Resilient: When children are at summer camp, they may fail at a game or make a mistake with a project. Their peers and camp counselors will encourage them to know it’s okay to fail and try again. Learning from mistakes is a healthy behavior. Being resilient helps children learn how to deal with failure, adversity, stress, and anxiety.
  • Get Out of Their Comfort Zone: Children at summer camp are introduced to new things and experiences. These experiences get them out of their comfort zone and show them new ways of looking at things. They will learn to take healthy risks and become confident in their abilities.
  • Sense of Purpose: As children become more confident in who they are and they see how they can help others, they begin to have a sense of purpose. They know they are important, and others can benefit from their skills.
  • Build Interests: Summer camp introduces children to new and exciting things. At home, kids usually do not have these opportunities. At camp, they get the chance to explore new interests and learn more about them.
  • Learn About Inclusion: At summer camp, there are usually children of different races, genders, and religious backgrounds. Getting to know these kids will teach your children more about inclusion. They will learn that the world is vast, and we can all get along and enjoy each other’s differences. Staff members will also make sure that all kids work together and feel like one community.
  • Develop Lifelong Friendships: Aside from engaging in physical activities that prompt children to work together to achieve a common goal, summer camp is an excellent opportunity for your child to meet other kids their age and even develop lifelong friendships.

Culturally-Diverse Group Of Kids At Summer Camp

How Independence Gives Way to Empowerment

Even if you believe your kids are independent, nothing brings out and runs that independence through the gamut more than giving them time away from you and on their own. Without parents around — or other family members that help make up their at-home life — who will be making the child’s decisions? Sure, we have experienced camp counselors that look after all campers, guide them, and ensure their safety, but your child’s involvement? Their eagerness, sociability, their willingness to participate? That sort of engagement will have to come from within; it’s an internal, independent venture. But a necessary one. The outcome? Empowerment.

Camp allows for a chance for children to genuinely understand that thought that goes into making a sound decision — which can take shape in several ways. It can come into play during a team sports activity. It can surface when they’re apprehensive about trying something new. But, with every learning experience they encounter, they’ll discover more about themselves in the process.

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While fun in the sun is always on everyone’s mind, the staff at Camp Keystone knows just how powerful summer day camp can be. A healthy camp experience won’t only give children the opportunity to let loose with their peers but develop social skills — and life skills at large — that will carry through until the school year and beyond.

If you’re looking for summer camps for 3-5 year olds or day camps for 6-12 year olds in Agoura Hills, CA, look no further than Camp Keystone! To get started, register online using our online camper application form. We truly believe that summer camps reinforce empowerment in kids, and we can’t wait to show you how!



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