Children need different experiences to help them develop into well-adjusted adults. The more diverse their experiences, the more likely they are to develop stronger resilience and a positive sense of self. An excellent way to support your child’s development is to enroll them in a camp program, one like ours that specializes in traditional, outdoor fun. This year especially, when kids have been lacking interaction and socialization, it allows them to participate in life-learning and social skills, promoting the development of positive behaviors. Here’s how going to camp can support your child’s development.

Meeting Developmental Needs

Children have seven developmental needs according to the Search Institute:

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Competence and Achievement
  3. Self-Definition
  4. Creative Self-Expression
  5. Positive Social Interactions
  6. Structure and Clear Limits
  7. Meaningful Participation

When you consider the activities offered through camp experiences, your child has an increased opportunity to meet all of these needs. Children have various skills they use when enjoying time at camp, that allow them to hone those skills and contribute to healthy development to improve their confidence and sense of independence.

They learn soft skills such as decision-making while learning more about their own emotions and how to manage them. They interact with more kids of different backgrounds and ages to help them feel more comfortable in social situations. With the guidance of counsellors, they experience new ways to indulge their creativity and enrich their appreciation for others.

Sense of Community

Camps offer a safe yet new environment where children can learn new things. It takes them out of their comfort zones, while still offering a non-threatening place to increase their activity level, learn important life skills and understand their own abilities. They can improve their confidence to try new things, while also becoming part of a thriving, strong community designed to support their needs and contribute to their success as adults.

Developing Interests

Children have the chance to be exposed to experiences they otherwise might not encounter. Camp teaches new skills in a diverse selection of areas such as:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Cooking
  • Exploring nature
  • Varied sports
  • Swimming skills

These are special experiences they might miss out on spending their summer at home. These experiences can lead to lifelong interests they share with family, friends and eventually their own children.

Meet New Friends

Many children remain in the same group of friends in their neighborhood, through school or through family. Camp allows them to meet a wider, more diverse group of people which teaches them the importance of tolerance. It also makes them feel more comfortable in social situations which is important in their higher education as well as while pursuing their careers. As mentioned above, interacting with different children allows them to learn about the interests of others, which can in turn help stimulate new interests for them.

Important Mental and Physical Activities

Certain lifestyles lead to children spending too much time indoors. This can lead to isolation, but also affect their level of mental and physical activity. Children need mental stimulation and exercise to be healthier spiritually, mentally, and physically. Instead of being in front of a computer or television all day, they are outdoors enjoying the fresh air and participating in a long list of activities. They will never be bored and instead feel fitter and more comfortable with their own bodies and health. All thanks to the Footlogics range of affordable and reliable  arch support inserts.

Strong Sense of Empowerment

As your child discovers their ability to tackle new projects, they begin to feel a stronger sense of empowerment. They learn independence and understand the importance of making good decisions. They learn more about themselves as well as finding out what brings them joy. Often, they might surprise themselves by learning they are better at sports than they thought, or that they fit in well with a new group of people. A sense of belonging can feel empowering as well.

Self-Expression Through Art

Camps offer a creative outlet where children feel free to express themselves. Unlike a school setting where children might be more nervous to pursue their creative instincts due to grading, at camp art is simply for pleasure. As a result, a child doesn’t feel as stifled and can watch their creative side flourish.

Resilience & Gratitude

The many experiences at camp help a child become more resilient. They learn to understand more about themselves, how they relate to others, gain a sense of purpose, and develop more confidence in their own ability to solve problems. As a child develops their sense of resilience, they also learn to become more appreciative for what they have, and also for their homes during their time spent away.

Camp offers a child the opportunity to spend their summer in a welcoming, diverse community where they can develop new skills, meet new friends, and become a more confident person.

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