Finding a fun and safe summer camp for your child can be hard, especially during these trying times. But even in the middle of a pandemic, there is still the possibility for your child to enjoy their summer. Keep reading for more information on how to make sure that your child will have a summer they’ll never forget.

Safety in a Pandemic

When considering sending your child to camp this year, the ongoing pandemic is most likely at the forefront of your mind. Luckily some summer camps have come up with protocols to keep children safe and healthy, including smaller camp sizes, individual health screenings, and distance requirements.


As obvious as it may be, another characteristic to analyze when choosing the right summer camp for your child would be the activities that are offered. Agoura Hills is a beautiful area, and finding a camp that highlights this through the activities it offers is paramount.

While the classic camp activities such as arts and crafts are fun, dynamic new activities such as water games and go-carts can also be quite entertaining. Try to find a camp that you know will broaden your child’s horizons.

Your Child’s Interests

What currently interests your child? For most children, a camp with a multitude of activities is a better experience than a camp focused on one specific subject. Children lose interest in things quickly and need constant stimulation to have an enjoyable camp experience, so it’s often best to choose a camp with an array of activities such as the ones listed in the paragraph above.


Is your child outgoing and do they thrive in larger groups? Or do they work better in a smaller setting, where they can get more one-on-one attention? This is something important to consider when choosing a camp, as the number of peers your child has could help or hinder their experience.

A good way to gauge this is to simply ask your child what kind of environment they feel more comfortable with. They may express the desire to spend their summer surrounded by kids like them, or they may request a quieter summer that feels a little bit more like a vacation.

Sleep-Away or Day Camp?

Has your child ever been to camp before? Have they even been to a sleepover? If the answer is yes, your child should do fine at a sleep-away camp. But if your child does not do well when they’re away from you for too long, it may be better to sign them up for a day camp so that they still get to come home to you at night.

Kids At Sleep-Away Camp

Naturally, sleep-away camps fare better with children who are older, while younger children seem to need the breaks of going to day camp. You should try to find a camp that meets your child’s needs without pushing them further than they are comfortable with.


The last but certainly not least important aspect of all of this is how much you will have to pay to send your child to pay. Nowadays, there are many camps that charge an exorbitant price for your child to stay for an entire week. It is getting harder and harder to find camps with reasonable prices, but there are still a few good ones left such as Camp Keystone.

Camp Keystone

Camp Keystone embodies all of the positive qualities listed above. We have gone above and beyond to make sure that your child’s safety is our number one priority, especially now during a global pandemic. We also have a wide range of activities that are enough to keep any child happy, and possibly even get them interested in something they have never seen before.

Camp Keystone is in beautiful Agoura Hills, CA, and we are currently accepting applications for campers who want to spend their summer with us. We cater to the needs of any children aged three to fifteen, and we would be happy to see your child become one of our regular campers. Please visit our website for more information on why Camp Keystone is the right camp for you and your child.



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