The first day of summer camp is always special for both parents and students. The beginning of an adventure holds a power of excitement and anticipation for a long-awaited gift of summer. Kids filled with buzzing excitement and eager minds ready to make new friends learn new things and discover the undiscovered.
However, in the middle of all the excitement and thrill, still, there is a room for that little nervousness-not just in the hearts of little campers but even in their parents waving a short bye to them. Getting your child ready for camp may make all the difference in the world, whether it’s their first time or they’re coming back for another fun summer. This is what to anticipate and how to make sure things go well right away.

Prepare Before Arrival For the First Day Of Camp Activities

Warm Welcomes

Our energetic counselors will extend a warm welcome to your kids upon their arrival. Our friendly staff is committed to reducing any anxiety associated with the first day with loud high-fives and happy greetings. Making every kid feel happy and at ease as soon as they enter our doors is our main objective. The contagious excitement of the counselors creates a great atmosphere for the day. Our counselors are here to ensure that your kid has a positive first experience with us since we know how important it is for them to feel included and accepted.

The Bus Ride

Before they depart, it is important to have a comforting conversation with your child if they are anxious about the bus ride to camp. Counselors will be present to welcome and assist campers to their groups upon bus arrival and departure, guaranteeing a seamless start to their camp experience. Talking about the trip in advance might take away their fears and increase their excitement for the thrills that lie ahead. Their confidence can soar and the journey more pleasurable when they know that helpful personnel will be by their side every step of the way.

Parental Presence

The seamless transition of younger children into their day can be significantly influenced by the presence of a parent at the time of drop-off. You may brighten their day and reassure them that everything is okay with a smile, a hug, or even a quick picture taken of the two of you. Children might feel safe and content at school or day care with the help of this small act of affection and presence. It’s a tiny action, but it can make a tremendous difference in their emotional health and willingness to participate in peer activities.

Ease Separation Anxiety

Your environment during drop-off has a big influence on how comfortable your youngster is. To relieve any parting anxiety, be composed and self-assured. Make sure your child feels comfortable and secure before you go by giving them a moment of assurance and staying a little while longer if needed. You set a positive tone by being calm and reassuring them that they are in a safe place. You help your child’s mental health and are ready to face the day with confidence and excitement by creating this nurturing environment.

Visit and Tour Camp Keystone

Visit Camp Keystone with your child before camp starts to help reduce anxiety on the first day. Taking a tour of the facilities and going to an open house is part of this proactive strategy. When your youngsters arrive at camp they can contact their counselors and possibly make some new friends by doing this and getting a feel for the place.

Your kid can see themselves at camp thanks to the visit, which helps to lessen the fear of the first day. While the youngster is there, get to know the camp and ask questions to address any worries they may have. It is easier to look forward to the camp’s experience when there is preparation to create a feeling of enthusiasm and preparedness.

Packing Essentials For The Camp

Basic Needs

For a successful day at camp, it’s important to prepare your child properly.  Don’t forget sun protection—a hat and sunscreen are essential to shield from harmful rays saving from ultimate summer.  If you don’t want to pack a lunch, Camp Keystone offers a freshly prepared lunch for your child. We take pride in ensuring our campers enjoy nutritious meals throughout the day. Click here to view the menu.

Swim Gear

A typical day at summer camp includes water-based activity so don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and towel! These items are indispensable for aquatic activities, ensuring you can enjoy the water without any worries. So, grab your gear and get set for some refreshing aquatic adventures!

Name Tags and Group Identification

Campers will get individualized name tags at the camp that will have their group number and name on them. It is simpler for counselors and other campers to recognize and include campers who have their names posted in their groupings. Small acts like this simplify the beginning of every thrilling camp experience and promote a sense of belonging.

Medical Preparations For The Camp

Handling Medications

As you prepare for camp, place necessary medications and equipment, in a bag marked with your child’s name. Give prescription drugs to a counselor if you take a bus so that the camp’s first aider gets them. If your kid is being dropped off, schedule a meeting to go over any medical issues when you arrive with the camp director or first aid professional.

Establish Open Communication

Our dedicated medical team is skilled and prepared to assist campers with unique health needs. At the beginning of camp, a quick meeting ensures we understand and can address specific care requirements. This initial discussion eases concerns for both parents and campers, setting the stage for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Closing Thoughts

Preparing for your child’s first day at Camp Keystone involves understanding the daily routines, gathering essential supplies, and addressing any medical requirements. By doing so, you ensure your child’s smooth integration into camp life. Equipped and ready, your child can look forward to an enriching summer of excitement, education, and development. Here’s to a fantastic start at Camp Keystone!



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