Movie night with your family is a great way to unwind and bond with them. This is especially true if you spend a lot of time on the grind while your kids are in school, so you barely get any time to spend together. This is the case for most of us who are working hard to ensure that we provide a comfortable life for our children and also why you should take every opportunity to build stronger relationships with your family.

Children aren’t always willing participants in movie nights, so you need to get creative. There are some tips below that you can use to make sure the whole family has a fun time on movie night.

Choose a Good Location

While having movie nights at home is convenient, sometimes a change of scenery would be good for your family. You can look for other available options that will still provide maximum comfort to your family as you get entertained. Going to an exciting venue like a camp, for example, can give your family an adventure they may not be quick to forget.

Schedule in Advance

There’s nothing as stressful as last minute plans. If you feel strained when someone makes plans with you and tells you at the last minute, then you should know not to do that with your family. Preparing them well in advance for the movie night will help them get into the right space of mind to enjoy the event. If they feel forced or obligated to go, all of you may end up not enjoying the movie.

Take Turns Choosing the Movie

One of the most common causes of disagreements among family members on movie night often stem from choosing the movie. We do not have similar tastes in movies. If one person takes over the choice of movies every other time, the other family members might feel unheard.

To avoid situations where bad blood finds a breeding ground among your family members, it is good to let everyone have a chance to choose. Decide what order each of you is going to pick out a movie for the next movie night and stick to that. A good idea would be to write down numbers equaling the number of people in your family on pieces of paper and have each member pick the numbers out of a hat at random.

Set Ground Rules

When it comes to movie night rules, you need to have rules to ensure that you all get the most out of the night. For instance, you can have a rule for no talking during the movie, or no electronic devices in use, such as phones or tablets, while the movie is on.

Another possible rule is the no-complaining rule to prevent your children from ruining the event. Children sometimes don’t like to be told what to do, and as a form of resistance, they may start complaining about small issues. Rules ensure that every member of the family gets into the movie set up and participates.

Bring Snacks

What is a movie night without food? Snacks and small chops can help bring more joy to your movie night, especially if you get the snacks that your family loves. You wouldn’t want your children to be hungry during the movie. Remember there’s no multitasking during movie night, so you can’t stop the movie to go and prepare something. Having a quick snack for your children to nibble on during the movie will help keep your children full and satisfied as they enjoy the show.

Pick a Theme

Another tip that you can use to get your children excited about movie night is having a theme for each event night. Most kids love to dress up for activities, and you should take advantage of that. Wearing a superhero outfit to the next Marvel movie night can have them psyched up to watch the movie. This will help keep them excited about movie nights!

Kid Dressed Up As Superhero

Where to Hold Movie Nights

If you’re looking to get an out-of-home movie night experience and are not sure where to go, Camp Keystone in Agoura Hills, CA is just the place for you. We offer fun activities that your kids will enjoy for camps, and we also offer family movie nights that you can enjoy at the end of a fun-filled day. Visit our website and fill out a form to schedule your next family movie night. We can’t wait to host your family fun!



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