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Summer Job Opportunities

at Camp Keystone

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Summer Job Opportunities at Camp Keystone

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Camp Keystone is looking for amazing staff that can bring the highest quality of spirit, commitment and caring to our campers. We are dedicated to the safety and happiness of each and every camper. The key concerns are to impart life skills, to see each child as an individual and to become one rockin family.

Available Positions

Camp Keystone also has several different positions available depending on your area of experience and expertise. We are looking for Junior Camp Counselors (work with 3-5 year olds), Day Camp Counselors (work with 6-12 year olds), and Area Specialists (work with all ages).

counselor at poolCamp Counselors assist our campers in developing new skills and polishing those already learned, whether those skills are athletic or social. We want our campers to develop a strong sense of trust, friendship and self-awareness that can be imparted by an energetic and motivated "big person".

Camp Keystone also assigns nicknames to all of our counselors and staff. The campers don't actually know our real names, only our Camp Keystone names. How fun is it to see what names we are given? Join our team and walk into our world of magic.

The Job of a Counselor

Prior to the start of camp you will be involved in an intensive training/orientation process. Our objective during pre-camp training are to orient you to your job, provide you with the necessary skills and training, introduce you to your co-workers, and prepare you for an exciting summer.

Camp operates Monday through Friday and some counselors will start as early as 7:30am or finish as late as 6:00pm. You will also be encouraged to participate in two overnights during the summer for which you will receive extra compensation.

Camp Keystone senior counselors must be at least 18 years of age or have graduated high school. They are strong leaders who have experience working with children ages 3-15 and counselor at poolhave skills in camp related activities. They are able to supervise and guide a group of up to 16 campers. Our counselors accept the responsibility of being an at-camp parent and friend, ensuring the emotional and physical well being of all children at camp.

The Job of a Specialist

Camp Keystone has the same expectation of specialists. In addition they are able to develop and provide a highly enriched specialized program for our campers by sharing their knowledge and experience. Specialists will plan weekly activities and obtain the necessary supplies for their area in accordance with the camp's weekly theme.

Bus Supervisors

Supervisors are required to be on the bus from the beginning of the route until the end. Responsibilities include supervision of campers, song leading, maintaining order, handling of all questions or problems as they arise on the bus so the driver can concentrate on the road, and otherwise assisting the driver as needed. Only Senior Counselors are eligible to be Bus Supervisors.

Counselor Postions

  • Junior Camp Counselor
  • Day Camp Counselor
  • Sports Camp Coach
  • Sports Camp Counselor

Specialist Positions

  • Master of Ceremonies/Entertainment/Games
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Arts and Crafts
  • First Aid Provider
  • Martial Arts/Karate
  • Nature Crafts/Enviromental Awareness
  • Creative Movement/Dance/Drama
  • Gymnastics/Wrestling
  • Song Leading
  • Fishing and Boating
  • Archery
  • Wrangler/Riding Instructor
  • Field Sports
  • Go-Carts
  • Climbing Instructor/Belayer
  • Lifeguard or Lifeguard Director
  • Food and Beverage Manager

What's your game?

MC (Master of Ceremonies)-Responsible for leading daily  morning round up (20 minutes)  and afternoon closing ceremonies (20 minutes). Prior MC or entertainment experience, especially with kids, desired. Ability to program and design games, activities, lead songs, and be outgoing and creative. Must be entertaining, well spoken and have a propensity for humor and personality galore!

Photographer/videographer–responsible for photographing and filming daily activities and events. Must be able to shoot high quality photos that “capture the moment” with your own camera. Also must have ability to edit, enhance and organize all photos for camp database. 

Arts and Crafts-Experience working with all art media preferred (painting, drawing, clay, tie-dying, paper mache, lanyards, etc.) Must be able to design and implement a creative arts and crafts program for children age 3-12 and maintain supplies for the area.

First Aid Provider-Minimum requirement Standard First Aid/CPR (child and adult). LVN, RN and/or EMT with Standard/Advanced First Aid and CPR (child and adult) certificates are encouraged. Must be able to keep accurate treatment records and maintain and inventory all supplies and records.

Martial Arts/Karate-Minimum requirement 3 years training in martial arts. Must be able to design programs and instruct children 3-12 years old in basic karate/martial arts.

Nature Crafts/Environmental Awareness-Must be able to design and implement a nature science program teaching campers ages 3-12 about ecology, the environment, animals and other nature concepts through creative projects, crafts and games.

Creative Movement/Drama-An enthusiastic, energetic individual with the ability to instruct children ages 3-12 in song and dance, drama, and creative movement. Background in theatre arts preferred.

Gymnastics/Wrestling-Must have background in gymnastics/wrestling. Experience in instructing children preferable.

Archery-Must be at least a Level 1 Coach. Must be knowledgeable with the equipment, know and be able to teach established safety regulations, be able to teach and supervise children 5-12 years old in a group setting.

Wrangler/Riding Instructor-Must be a certified wrangler, at least 18 years of age, who is experienced with children ages 3 and up with varied riding abilities. Must maintain accident/incident reports as needed and any necessary paperwork. Will plan and supervise trail rides based on children's ability and care for the horses throughout the camp day.

Go Carts-Must be able to perform basic maintenance and upkeep on the go-carts, go-cart track and all safety equipment.

Climbing Instructor/Belayer-Must be belayed certified from a recognized organization. Must be able to enforce established safety regulations, provide appropriate instruction, be aware of proper rescue procedures involving specialized equipment and be able to assist and supervise children 5-12 years old.

Lifeguard Director-WSI, Advanced Lifesaving or equivalent, Standard/Advanced First Aid and CPR certifications required. Must be able to design and implement swim program for all campers, including water safety instruction to non-swimmers, supervise lifeguards and staff at the pool and waterslide, and maintain health and maintenance records and pool facilities.

Water Safety Swim Instructors/Lifeguards-Advanced Lifesaving or equivalent, Standard/Advanced First Aid and CPR certificate required. Must be able to lifeguard pool and waterslide with other staff and assist Director in maintaining all health and maintenance records and pool facilities. If WSI certified, must also be able to teach water safety to non-swimmers.

Cooking Instructor-A creative individual to teach children how to "cook" simple, tasty foods without the use of a kitchen. Instructor must be able to create "recipes" and teach 3-12 year-olds how to make easy finger foods that they will be able to eat.

Ropes Course Instructor-Must be trained/certified and experienced in high and low elements. Experience working with kids age 5-15.

DJ/Counselor-Responsible for playing music on our sound system during morning, lunch and afternoon round-up. Experience preferred.

Sports Camp Counselor-Must be able to teach the fundamentals of soccer, baseball, flag football and basketball to kids ages 7-12. Experience instructing children preferable.


  • "Our daughter LOVES Keystone - the best day camp experience ever!"

    Diane, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "I wanted to say how much Austin LOVES camp!!! He couldn't get out of the car fast enough on Monday. He is only 6 but told me last night" he is going to go to Camp Keystone forever, but not ride the horses cuz they are too bumpy and dirty" As a mommy, thank you to everyone for their incredible energy, happiness and warmth for my son (and all campers)!!!"

    Allison, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "We love, love, love Camp Keystone! You are always thinking of great ways to add more fantastic things to do for our camper kids. Thank you."

    Shari, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "Thanks to the amazing staff Tanner had a fantastic summer! Thank you so much."

    Jonathan, Camp Keystone Dad
  • "Ellie & Layla LOVE Camp Keystone!! Thanks for sending them home with stories of awesome adventures and everlasting memories."

    Mindy, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "The best summer experience a child can have!!! Thanks Camp Keystone and its amazing staff!!! "

    Kelly, Camp Keystone Mom