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Happy Camper

Who doesn’t want to pass on a childhood filled with love, security, excitement and a true sense of belonging? Parents spend so much of their time devoted to ensuring a well-rounded life experience for their darling daughters and sons, because they know from their own lives how critical those memories are. What is even more significant is the battle for our children’s attention. Technology is altering experiences paramount to everything generations past had relied upon and are now known to be integral to well-rounded development.

We're Camp Keystone. We Know What It Takes.

We are Camp Keystone! That means we know it takes more than amazing staff, winning programming and great facilities to create an award winning camp experience. It also requires significant infrastructure and preparation. Here are some of the things we’ve been doing to prepare for Summer 2013!

Summer Camp Early Registration

Are you the camp family who’s been eagerly anticipating this, or are you thinking, “Already”? Well, it’s that time and we are as excited about Early Registration as you are!  In addition to saving you tons of money, this year’s discount includes an added bonus!  Take a look!  We are sure you’ll agree; enrolling early is the way to go! We know you expect big savings with early registration.

Here are more Holiday kid fun ideas!

Happy Holidays Camp Keystone families!! We are so excited! With your winter break either in full swing now, or just about to get started, let the family fun begin!! Last week we sent you a list of ideas for fun things to do with your kids over the break. Have you been out on the ice yet? That is still on our 'MUST DO' list!! Click to link back to our list of outdoor & indoor ice rinks.

Celebrating the Festival of Lights

To our friends who will celebrate the Festival of Lights beginning this weekend, a very Happy Hanukkah to you! We wish you a de-lightful December holiday. Because we think reading together is a wonderful way to share with our children, we thought you might enjoy some books that help teach about the traditions of Hanukkah in a fun and entertaining way. You and your children can read these wonderful books throughout the holiday season as well as through the year ahead!

California, Here We Come!

Calling all pioneers, The Keystone Mining Company has arrived! Transport yourself back to the California Gold Rush days of the 1840’s as you take part in Camp Keystone’s newest adventure, Gemstone Mining. We’ve transported the American River all way to Agoura Hills with campers panning and prospecting for gold, gemstones, and other surprise treasures. 49ers will stake their claim and learn all about techniques of panning as they roll up their sleeves in hopes of striking it rich themselves!

Sunblock News from Keystone

Ever wonder how safe your sunblock is? We use it to protect our skin from UV rays, but are the chemicals in the sunblock actually damaging to our skin? Our Grand Poohbah has wondered this for some time and has done a great deal of research on the subject. Being a father of two redhead (and fair skinned) children himself, what he found out was revealing and extremely informative as a consumer and a father. Here's the most effective website the Grand Poohbah found, which gives a full "sunscreen report" on all of the brands you may be buying:

Fishing and Boating Adventures!

At Camp Keystone, we provide our campers with unique and traditional outdoor activities they may not come across in our technology driven world. One of our very favorites is boating and fishing. Campers boat in our natural creek which flows directly from Lake Sherwood. Individual boating excursions as well as group rowing sessions provide campers with a tremendous amount of variety. Boaters wear life vests at all times and safety in the area is consistently enforced. Campers are enticed by stories of the “Keystone Croc” who is frequently seen by the keenest of eyes.


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2021 Open House Dates

Mark Your Calendar

All open houses are from 11:30am to 3:00pm at Camp Keystone
2854 Triunfo Canyon Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

2021 Dates Coming Soon!

Camp Hours:

Summer, 2021: June 14 - August 13

9:30-3:30, M-F. Drop off no earlier than 9:15. Pick-up from 3:30-4:15.

Extended day care available starting at 7:30am and ending at 6:00 pm.


  • "Our daughter LOVES Keystone - the best day camp experience ever!"

    Diane, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "I wanted to say how much Austin LOVES camp!!! He couldn't get out of the car fast enough on Monday. He is only 6 but told me last night" he is going to go to Camp Keystone forever, but not ride the horses cuz they are too bumpy and dirty" As a mommy, thank you to everyone for their incredible energy, happiness and warmth for my son (and all campers)!!!"

    Allison, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "We love, love, love Camp Keystone! You are always thinking of great ways to add more fantastic things to do for our camper kids. Thank you."

    Shari, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "Thanks to the amazing staff Tanner had a fantastic summer! Thank you so much."

    Jonathan, Camp Keystone Dad
  • "Ellie & Layla LOVE Camp Keystone!! Thanks for sending them home with stories of awesome adventures and everlasting memories."

    Mindy, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "The best summer experience a child can have!!! Thanks Camp Keystone and its amazing staff!!! "

    Kelly, Camp Keystone Mom