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The Amazing Corn Maze!

This post brought to you by the Grand Pooh Bah from one of the Camp Keystone office staff aka Shakespeare.

Please enjoy!

The Grand Pooh’s favorite weekend outing with his son! – Tide Pooling at Leo Carrillo

Back in the olden days when Counselor Z was just a tadpole of eight rings, one of our favorite Father and Son outings were our weekend jaunts to the Tide Pools at Leo Carrillo State Beach. Truly, some of my fondest moments are those shared with my kids exploring the wonders of the local Santa Monica Mountains. Keystone Campers can continue adventures well into winter by exploring nearby State Parks.

Blue Barracudas Squeak By and Win by 10 Points!

In a Color Wars duel that will be talked about for many years to come, Generals Hiccups, Bear, Twix, and Zoom led the Blue Barracuda team to a masterful victory over the Red Rockers. With the Barracudas down over 400 points yesterday afternoon, they quickly caught up by winning 200 bonus points in both the facebook challenge and the Yozen Frogurt contests last night, and the teams started the day neck and neck.

Blue Barracudas vs. Red Rockers

Day two is in the books, with the Red Rockers leading the Blue Barracudas 1,183 points to 1,058 points. Campers are cheering, racing, climbing, creating, and competing their way through the camp day to earn points for their beloved teams.

Monday's cheer contest proved to be the blue team's speciality, as the Barracudas sang their way to victory strutting their barracuda best. Today's Slam Dunk Contest was quite the opposite, with Zizzle lighting up the competition and flying high above the rim with a win for the Rockers!

Keystone Idol Ends with Two Dynamic Duos!

Thursday and Friday concluded our ever popular Keystone Idol, where over 250 campers took the stage to show us their best in vocals and dancing. Audiences were thrilled all week to see our kids' talents, and got into the action as we started eliminating singers in the semi-finals and finals. Counselors also got into the action and competed for the coveted Keystone Idol Counselor crown.

Keystone Prepares for Color Wars!

As Keystone Idol picks up momentum, campers are beginning to hear the whispers of the biggest week at camp on its way...COLOR WARS!

Campers Celebrate Holiday Week in Style!

Last week at Keystone we rocked through the best holidays of the year...all in one week! Campers celebrated their "Unbirthday" with root beer floats and a monster game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", went on a leprechaun scavenger hunt on Saint Patrick's Day, saw a Keystone "wedding" as Twix and Hiccups tied the knot, and dressed in their Halloween best to round out the week.

Campers Prepare to Fly This Summer!!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Camp Keystone's new thrill for 2011, The Acroflyer! For those campers seeking extreme fun and excitement, The Acroflyer is for you. This high flying adventure will allow campers to twist, flip, jump, and soar through the air, and at the same time giving them an unbelievable work out! With countless possibilities of tricks to be performed, which ones will you be able to master?

No Snack Rule Campers, Sit-In Ignites Controversy!

In true 60's style, today's decision for "No more snack, beverages, or popsicles" was met by a peaceful protest by Keystone campers and counselors. After Shadow's announcement this morning, the campers were in a panic, demanding their "rights" to open snacking. After much deliberation, a "sit-in" was scheduled for lunch, and Shadow and The Grand Poohbah reconsidered their decision after seeing the picketing, parading, and protesting in the pavilion area. Snack was reinstated and all celebrated with some sugary sweets."What do we want? SNACK! When do we want it?

Campers "Flip" over Flipper and Shadow's Matching Costumes!

If you were like me, it took weeks to figure out what to wear at Keystone's annual "Halloween Bash". The Halloween Parade and costume contest are two of the most long awaited events of all summer, and this year's was no different! Phenomenal costumes graced the Keystone stage as The Joker, Captain Jack Sparrow, a man-eating shark, Lady Gaga, and the Jersey Shore's own Snookie won over Friday's delighted crowd as they strutted their stuff down the pavilion's runway.


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  • "Our daughter LOVES Keystone - the best day camp experience ever!"

    Diane, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "I wanted to say how much Austin LOVES camp!!! He couldn't get out of the car fast enough on Monday. He is only 6 but told me last night" he is going to go to Camp Keystone forever, but not ride the horses cuz they are too bumpy and dirty" As a mommy, thank you to everyone for their incredible energy, happiness and warmth for my son (and all campers)!!!"

    Allison, Camp Keystone Mom
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    Shari, Camp Keystone Mom
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    Jonathan, Camp Keystone Dad
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  • "The best summer experience a child can have!!! Thanks Camp Keystone and its amazing staff!!! "

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