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Over Night Camp Outs - Are YOU Ready?

With our first camp out of the summer approaching, what better time to talk about overnight camp outs?  As you ask yourself whether your camper is ready, consider your own readiness.  Is it actually you who may need some reassuring?

Our campers are always buzzing with excitement about camping out under the stars.  At the same time, we usually have a few parents buzzing about readiness.  We find a good rule of thumb is, if your child is asking to camp out, (s)he’s probably ready!

All day camp programs should expose children to experiences which bolster their range of coping strategies. There are the simple challenges of daily activities as well as more complex challenges of getting along with a new group of peers, learning how to ask for help from others, or tackling a manageable amount of risk without parental involvement.

Every day, campers come to us, we challenge them. They get a little dirty and a lot tuckered out while having a great time and making new friends.  We offer children the best of what they need to optimize psychosocial development with a focus on FUN!

So, why do we need overnight camp outs?  We believe in the value of overnight camp outs to take campers a step further in development of valuable life skills fostered in day programs. Campers build on new relationships, not just with peers, but with adults other than their parents.  Of course, being able to negotiate on their own with adults for what they need is an invaluable life skill.

Camping out helps children further develop their own identity helping them feel more self reliant and confident in front of others.  Campers experience control in their lives, and those experiences of self-efficacy are lifelong lessons that will serve them well in years to come.  Children who experience themselves as competent will continue to be better problem-solvers in all kinds of situations.

Perhaps best of all, camp outs offer kids a chance to strengthen the feeling that they belong. Singing crazy camp songs and sharing stories creates a bonding experience, a sense of common purpose and an attachment to camp and community.

Camping out in a group is a special opportunity for children to understand themselves better as they learn about others and have a chance to experience their similarities to others as well as differences.

So are you ready?  Talk to your camper about camping out.  If (s)he is interested, it’s something you might at least want to investigate.  Please give us a call if you have any questions about Camp Keystone’s overnight camp outs We understand the thought of your child sleeping out under the stars may seem a little daunting but when you think of all they will gain, there’s no time like the present!

Click for link to Camp Keystone Camp Out brochure and registration form

Happy Camping!

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  • "Our daughter LOVES Keystone - the best day camp experience ever!"

    Diane, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "I wanted to say how much Austin LOVES camp!!! He couldn't get out of the car fast enough on Monday. He is only 6 but told me last night" he is going to go to Camp Keystone forever, but not ride the horses cuz they are too bumpy and dirty" As a mommy, thank you to everyone for their incredible energy, happiness and warmth for my son (and all campers)!!!"

    Allison, Camp Keystone Mom
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    Shari, Camp Keystone Mom
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    Jonathan, Camp Keystone Dad
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    Mindy, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "The best summer experience a child can have!!! Thanks Camp Keystone and its amazing staff!!! "

    Kelly, Camp Keystone Mom