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How Much is too much? Packing for Happy Campers

If you’re like most parents you want to send your child off each day with everything they need to be safe and happy.  However, many parents seem to go overboard when packing for day camp.  If you can relate to the travelers in our picture, you might need a full intervention!  But we think some simple guidelines will help most of you pack for your happy campers. 

3 Rules of summer day camp packing…

Rule 1.  LABEL EVERYTHING with your child’s full name!

Rule 2.  DON’T OVERDO IT!  It’s day camp!  If you’ve been loading up for weeks on all the stuff your kids are going to need for summer camp, S T O P !  You already have more than they’ll need.  Too much stuff is a burden on your child and can cut into their fun.

Rule3.  JUST THE BASICS!  Pack a swimsuit and a towel (size appropriate for your child).  Don’t send a ginormous towel for a small child. It will end up mopping the deck or worse the dirt!  Slather them up before you send them off in the morning, but pack extra sunscreen as well.  If your child LIKES to wear a hat, great, label it and send it!  Don’t send a hat hoping your kid will keep it on. Chances are it will end up in the forgotten pile.  We suggest packing a labeled refillable water bottle.  At Camp Keystone there is plenty of water available throughout our grounds.  However, if you think water may not be so readily available at your camp this is a MUST!  Of course, pack a lunch or check out options your camp may offer such as the hot lunches available at Camp Keystone.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t send children to camp in sandals or flip flops!  Most camps have rules against open toe shoes, Crocs, jellies etc.  Don’t send anything expensive to camp, especially electronic equipment such as iphones, ipads, ipods, other cell phones, Blackberries (or similar type of texting device), Gameboys, DS etc.  No cards allowed.  Many camps including Camp Keystone prohibit trading cards, playing cards, etc.

Do send children to camp in comfortable play clothes and closed toe shoes with the expectation that they will have tons of fun and come home dirty and tuckered out!  We think it’s fun and it helps build a sense of community and fosters pride but camp motif clothing is not required at Camp Keystone. However, if your children are attending a camp that offers outings, clothing that identifies them as part of the camp group is a necessity. 

Camp Keystone t-shirts can be ordered by filling out the T-Shirt Order Form and sending to Camp Keystone.

Have a great summer and happy packing!

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  • "Our daughter LOVES Keystone - the best day camp experience ever!"

    Diane, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "I wanted to say how much Austin LOVES camp!!! He couldn't get out of the car fast enough on Monday. He is only 6 but told me last night" he is going to go to Camp Keystone forever, but not ride the horses cuz they are too bumpy and dirty" As a mommy, thank you to everyone for their incredible energy, happiness and warmth for my son (and all campers)!!!"

    Allison, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "We love, love, love Camp Keystone! You are always thinking of great ways to add more fantastic things to do for our camper kids. Thank you."

    Shari, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "Thanks to the amazing staff Tanner had a fantastic summer! Thank you so much."

    Jonathan, Camp Keystone Dad
  • "Ellie & Layla LOVE Camp Keystone!! Thanks for sending them home with stories of awesome adventures and everlasting memories."

    Mindy, Camp Keystone Mom
  • "The best summer experience a child can have!!! Thanks Camp Keystone and its amazing staff!!! "

    Kelly, Camp Keystone Mom